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Innovation with global impact


SIIOTECH® Smart Inventory Internet Of Things Technology

Impact investment
We have the subject of a scalable global solution with the opportunity to greatly reduce the impact on the environment and contribute greatly to increased sustainability through an optimized circular flow for an animal or a product's movement from birth / manufacturing to death / recycling. With the help of motivated users during a product or animal life cycle, and then we have the opportunity to achieve a fantastic result.

We want to make a real difference and are looking for opportunities to accelerate and take us to the next level.

We call our technology SIIOTECH® (Smart Inventory Internet Of Things Technology)
A digital platform and database for animals, valuables and property with environment and sustainability as a priority part of its existing concept, our DNA. We are inspired by the Global Goals 2030 With our solutions, we do everything we can to contribute to them and aim beyond that.

We also include sustainability to include human and animal security in everyday life, experience and the impact of life's various events. We call it soft values ​​and define them as stress and depression that often require supportive measures to get out, but also joy and happiness in regaining lost property and having control in everyday life.

With our mindset, we have built in smart solutions to help and facilitate the user's both expected events and unexpected through various functions that provide control and support to reduce the time when different events occur.

A concrete example that involves users is EFTERLYST24 WANTED24 Lost or Stolen Database ® which is a public international theft register, our messenger of something so much more and bigger that shows how our concept integrates and acts with other users with our own product DIGITAG with active tracking code for to regain lost property, by thinking new.

The next phase is to feed SIIOTECH ® directly with information from manufacturers or breeders to achieve an optimized circular flow for an animal or product's movement from birth / manufacture to death / recycling, through all life events until an animal or product with with the help of the user, must be handled / recycled in accordance with manufacturer's responsibility, regulatory requirements and new known technology.

That said, we want to make a real difference and are actively looking for opportunities to accelerate and take us to the next level.
Logic and more about the Smartinventory ® platform can be read more here


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