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A concept for a safe & sustainable society
Connects your animals and valuables to you
A service for life

Smartinventory ®
DIGIDOG Digitalahundpä
DIGIHORSE Digitalahästpä
DIGIBOAT Digitalabå
Wanted24 Wanted24 Lost or Stolen Database

Our mission  
We must contribute to a safe and sustainable everyday life for people, animals and our earth
Our values

  • Security & tranquility

  • Environment & sustainability

  • Love for man and our earth

Our vision
That everyone uses our concept Smartinventory's different services


The business idea and problem picture from a burglary
From 6 months to 1 hour

The Smartinventory concept arose after the founder's parents were hit by a burglary in 2011. It took 6 months of enormous energy and time to remember and compile what was missing for the police to be able to call for the objects and two months to create a basis for insurance companies to get it right. compensation, the founder thought, this must be possible to do so much better. With the current solution, it had taken under 1 hour. Smart solutions make fraud more difficult and the sale of stolen goods and lost property or lost property can be searched with a person's mobile phone in a new public search register for stolen valuables, lost animals and property.


Facts: Sweden
In 2018, approximately 17,000 burglaries were reported, of which 10,000 burglaries were in villas and the remaining 7,000 in apartments. Only 3% cleared up. 65,700 bicycles were stolen with a clearance rate of just over 0%! 1700 boats and 2500 boat engines were stolen, the list of thefts can be made long. The number of divorces was about 25,000 and deaths amounted to 92,000.
There are 956,000 dogs and 696,000 dog owners and about 1.2 million cats. These go from breeding to owner and are sold and change owners, and run away. About 300 dog daycares with boarding houses receive customers' animals every day.

Problem Image & Needs
We know that we can be affected by events and that finding the right information quickly is important. We know that we need to save receipts and certificates updated in safe custody and preferably on hand. We should have everything clear if something happens. It's hard and boring, it's like not being done was the answer for us when we did our feasibility studies in 2012. We all want to make a good deal. With a handwritten receipt, many stolen valuables change owners without any possible control, because there are no good ways to control. Pet owners have different folders with all the information about each individual, many times with original documents that are taken to competitions and easily get away or destroyed by wet, to the great annoyance of the moment. Animals run away frequently and there is a trade in so-called smuggled dogs. There is a need to quickly and securely access the correctly compiled information. To implement secure personally identifiable transfers for a secure business. As well as being linked to a public international search register for wanted valuables and missing animals, so that the public can provide information with the help of their mobile device.   

A family business for life  
A genuine family business created the whole. From the beginning on the board and involved in the concept as a whole until 2018 when met the market were the founder, Björn Reich Husberg, his sister Annette Strömberg and beside them were their parents, Richard and Traudl Husberg. Today, Björn's daughter Elin Husberg is on the board.    

Our feasibility studies
In feasibility studies, physical reconciliation along the journey has been done with in addition to a large number of people of different ages from old to young, including police, security coordinator, SSF Theft Protection Association, Larmtjänst AB, funeral homes. We have met many pet owners, from horses, cats to dog owners. We have talked to breeders and owners of dog daycare and boarding houses about its different needs and solutions that have become part of the service's solutions.

The solution: A smart secure digital register around the clock
Depending on the event and age, our different solutions are appreciated and added in several different ways.
The service connects your valuables and animals in a structured way to you and can with the service's search functions increase the chance that both animals and property will quickly get their rightful owner back. The service is excellent for anyone who owns something valuable, even for animal activities. Smart solutions where your valuables with the control of our concept help you to act in the event of sudden events such as burglary or fire. Here are your valuables before a divorce and the opportunity to plan who will take care of the dog in the event of illness or death, or create a fair distribution of inheritance. The list of solutions is long. Below we have listed some of the positive impact our concept has created for users.

Solid work with code professionals
8 years and low calculated 8500 hours, 7-digit amount later the service reaches the market for real. In 2012, feasibility studies were conducted in combination with coding. In 2014, beta tests were performed with the Homeowners' members in Nynäshamn. 2017 security-secured code, login, encrypted surf and database. We have been first out from the first moment with the whole. We have a sense of security and sustainable solutions and are inspired by Global goals 2030
With our solutions, we do everything we can to contribute to them.    

Intercontact AB 556844-2627
Strandvägen 67 115 23 Stockholm
Owns all rights

The service contributes both financially and with soft values ​​positively to:


Quick handling in the event of an incident

  • A calm to keep track of everything of value

  • Keep in touch with loved ones

  • Reduced stress when everything is at its worst

  • Control of the value of each item

  • Control of where the valuables are located

  • Check for guarantees

  • Control of certificates for animals

  • To complicate receiving

  • To securely digitally transfer objects and animals to buyers

  • To securely digitally transfer animals during breeding

  • To have everything ready during an inspection by the authority or SKK

  • Completed reports that compile

  • Increased opportunity to recover lost property and animals

  • Check on all different insurances for animals and homes

  • Lower insurance premiums

  • Properly paid insurance premium

  • Easier dialogue about "right" compensation with insurance companies

  • Check on value-adding repairs

  • Control of veterinary visits and costs

  • Take advantage of and pass on the history of objects

  • Easier dialogue with relatives with inheritance planning

  • To help not to throw away and buy new

  • To contribute to a safe and sustainable everyday life


Society crime & police

  • Correct information when registering

  • Reduced receiving

  • Fewer crime, theft and fraud

  • Increased clarification

  • Fewer hours for investigation

  • To make it difficult for international leagues

  • Increased confidence in the police

Insurance companies

  • Fewer numbers of scams

  • Lower insurance premiums

  • Fewer hours to investigate

  • Better and faster surface from affected

  • Fewer discussions about value

  • Improved customer experience

Environment - focus on sustainability

  • Not to throw and buy new

  • Extended life of valuables

  • Warranty repairs instead of being thrown away

  • To contribute to global sustainability


Man, animal - focus sustainability

  • To recover lost animal or valuables

  • Being prepared reduces stress when something happens

  • Having control regardless of time and place reduces anxiety

  • To avoid buying new with a warranty reminder

  • Extending and raising was the thing's value with repair log

  • Sharing each story's story increases the object's affection value

  • That animals in the event of death pass on to the new owner

  • To agree on inheritance

  • To contribute to a safe and sustainable society

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