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Porsche 911 4s förmedlad till Italiens köpare

Sales & Mediation


With over 1200 completed car sales, various boat sales, we know what it's about making a safe and good deal and finding the right buyer. We take brokerage assignments from private individuals. Normally, the deal is completed within a couple of weeks and sales are optimized to sell your car at the best price possible. We write advertisements, have a dialogue with all speculators and are involved in the entire deal until the handover.
Financial advice
We also take on other vehicle assignments, such as proposing the best financial solution for a company that wants to review its costs.
We also have our own sales of cars and boats.

The agency only has a fee if we solve the deal. Safe in other words.
Other services are charged on an ongoing basis or at a fixed price depending on the assignment. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more!

Fordon & Förmedling: Services
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